Corporate & commercial

Corporate and commercial cross-specialist support for different legal issues

As your company grows, it will need legal support across a wide range of corporate and commercial support for different legal issues. You may be finalising a manufacturing contract in one jurisdiction and managing a restructure or a joint venture in another. Our cross-specialist legal experts are here to meet your day-to-day legal needs.

Our approach

Companies around the world are more exposed than ever to a complex web of laws and regulations. Whether your businesses is in one location or you have offices around the world, having access to responsive legal support is a must. At Mazars, we offer a cross-specialist team that can offer national and international legal advice on commercial and corporate matters, whether it is for contracts and agreements, or for major corporate events such as a restructure.

With a presence across multiple locations around the world, we offer an international perspective and a wide range of technical skills to meet your needs. Working together as one team, Mazars provides advice and guidance through a collaborative and pragmatic approach that is centred around you. Our team is entrepreneurial and agile when working with clients, which enables them better understand your needs, make smarter decisions, and help you to unlock value in your business.

We can offer legal support covering, amongst others:

  • All day-to-day legal requirements
  • Company incorporation, liquidation, etc
  • Assistance with mergers and other corporation restructurings
  • Commercial contracts
  • Legal advice on any commercial or corporate legal issues
  • General terms and conditions