Doing business in Vietnam

The 2014 guide is intended as an overview of general topics of interest to anyone looking to do business in Vietnam and includes items such as investment incentives, business structures available to foreigners, tax, labour and foreign exchange controls as well as general information about Vietnam and its economy.

Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing Asian economies in recent years, effectively weathering the economic crisis and now with some signs of recovery. The economy is indeed showing growth of circa 5% per annum, which many European countries would be delighted with.

Vietnam has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign investments. Foreign investors are beginning to regard it as a key strategic investment location and a place where they can achieve cost effectiveness from their global supply chains. The country is becoming more attractive with some tax incentives, low-cost labour, and a long coastline with increasingly modern and sophisticated port infrastructure.

Table of Contents

  1. General information
  2. The economy of Vietnam
  3. Investment incentives and guarantees
  4. Business organisations available to foreigners
  5. Taxation
  6. Accounting & Audit
  7. Labour & Immigration
  8. Land
  9. Foreign exchange control
  10. Practical information

To read the full guide, please download the PDF file below.

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