Doing business in Africa

Present in North, South, West and Central Africa, Mazars offers companies a precise knowledge of the economic, fiscal and legal environment as well as the plurality and diversity of the African continent.


Within the framework of a partnership between Mazars and l’, the experts from the Mazars countries in Africa have created an overview of 10 best practices to be adopted in each one of the countries. Indeed, Mazars, present in North, South, West and Central Africa, provides services to firms offering a precise knowledge not only on the economic environment, taxes and juridical services, but also on diversity.

In West and Central Africa, Mazars exhibits this know-how across five entities which function as a network and in synergy with around ten countries. These offices are also the stepping stone for operations with businesses in neighbouring countries.

In total, Mazars possesses the capacity to act in around fifteen countries, thanks to their integrated offices and network of correspondents.


In order to read the full guide, please download the PDF document below.